About Us

We are an award-winning, progressive family business that adapts to meet our customers' needs, positioning us as one of the largest mechanical, electrical and construction building services contractors in the North East.

We offer reassuringly comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation services - exceptional quality from concept to completion, delivered on time and on budget.

  • Scale and versatility: We thrive on large-scale, commercial projects, and have the scope and capacity to accommodate all mechanical, electrical work and construction works - from small, commercial boiler changes to the installation of multi-million pound, steam, gas or electrical plant.
  • In-house manufacturing: With the in-house capacity to design and fabricate complex ductwork, ventilation, pipework and infrastructure, we fully control testing, quality and timescales, giving more assured outcomes.
  • We believe in open communication: To us, communication is key. From early discussions about your project's objectives, budget and timescales, you'll find our team are open, honest and approachable.
  • Unrivalled knowledge base: We have a permanent workforce of over 120 highly skilled engineers. And because they understand both mechanical and electrical disciplines, they offer a unique depth of knowledge, breadth of expertise and versatility.
  • We are responsive and progressive: With a programme of on-going investment in infrastructure, training, qualifications and accreditations, we are quick to respond to market and industry developments.
  • Best practice, as standard: We are proud to ensure the highest level of quality assurance through best practice engineering, as standard. And when working at hospital sites, we also meet the HTM requirements.


At Geoffrey Robinson Limited, we are consistently investing in our team. Our focus on individual learning and developing through training and apprenticeship programmes has resulted in a well-balanced skilled workforce with many years of combined experience.

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